NI-X Expansion Board


NI-X FPGA Expansion Board is used in combination with X series manufactured by National Instruments.
( Use only with this product is also possible. )

This product can process special measurement by configuring an FPGA circuit.


·Encoder Pulse Measurement
           Direct connection of the differential encoder pulse is possible.
           The analog measurement in sync with encoder pulse measurement or an encoder pulse makes NI-X still easier-to-use.

·As the FPGA Board of a simple substance
           When not connecting with NI-X series, IO of 48 points can be taken out from a connection connector.
           64 TTL input-and-output totals .

Dimension 200 × 115 mm
Power Supply Voltage DC 5 V ±5 %
Consumption Current MAX 400 mA


NI-X IO Signal

Connects with FPGA altogether (input and output are switched per eight points)

NI-X Analog Signal Input/Output Extraction to an exclusive connector
RS422 Level
Differential Signal Input
12 CH
RS422 Level
Differential Signal Output
12 CH
TTL Level Input/Output 16 CH (A change of input and output is possible per 8CH.)


           NI-X FPGA Expansion Board    \83,800

           We receive request for development of exclusive FPGA .
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