We carry out from the concept for a mechanism system, a electrical component system, and software to development,
a design, and manufacture.
Since all of development and a design are performed in the company, we can deal with the situation smoothly
when trouble occurred or you found a deficiency.
Our quick, suitable, and polite support has a favorable reception.


Specialized Robot

          Engineer with a lot of experience contracts from a concept to delivery of goods.
          You say, "I want such a robot!", and then We produce the robot complying with your wishes.

Measurement System

          We build a Measurement system of a mechanical system and an electric system
          by using LabVIEW manufactured by National Instruments.
          You say, "I would like to measure this.", and then we propose a suitable system
          according to a measurement object and a use.

Factory Automation System

          The specialist of a mechanism system and a control system supports the customer.
          We'll take care of assembly equipment, automated equipment, etc. from investigation of the spot
          to a concept, a design, and manufacture.
          Please tell a person in charge "I would like to do such a thing!", and then we think hard and produce.

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