Plating Power Supply The precision current source for semiconductor plating.

The precision current source to the maximum current 2A .

Bipolar operation.
Analog Circuit
Special Controller Various special use controllers . Embedded Controller (RX, SH2, R8, FPGA, NIOS, FPGA)

Real-time OS (µITRON)
AC Servo Driver Development of AC servo driver for special motors . Power Electronics, Analog Circuit, Digital Circuit, FPGA, Embedded Controller
Galvano Scanner Controller 3-axis of Galvano scanner controller

Waveform output 0.1 point/s ~ 100k point/s

The number of waveform data     Maximum of 400,000 points

Stand-alone operation is possible.
Embedded Controller with SH Microcomputer An embedded system with SH microcomputer is designed by exclusive use to each equipment, writes an individual program, and creates a small proprietary controller.

Control of various digital inputs/outputs, analog input/output, a PWM output, etc. is possible.
USB Servo Driver Controller The controller which can operate the JOG operation level of each maker's servo driver (the thing of network systems, such as a mechatronics link, is un-corresponding but only at the thing of I/O control.) using a USB port.

We develop for the checking of operations of a servo driver.
Visual C++
Various Servo Controllers In addition, the proprietary controller of a single and multi axess, a small controller, etc. Visual C++, Borland C++ (MS-DOS),
LabVIEW, Sequencer,

Various exclusive program language etc

Coffee Roasting Machine / Coffee Mill Electrical Component Inoue MFG. Co.,Ltd. (http://www.inoue-seisakujo.jp/) Visual C++
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