Factory Automation System

Semiconductor Equipment Control Section Development, a design, and produce of a semiconductor equipment control section.
A design and produce of a semiconductor control equipment control section.

Device control, design of process control software, and manufacture by computer.

Mounting of the GEM equipment side software.
SEMI Standards, UL Standards, CE Marking

Personal computer control

GW-GEM, GW-ConX300
Automatic Winding Machine
Grease Filling Machine
Automobile Door Switch Assembly Machine The rotary type automatic assembly machine which assembles automatically the switch which detects opening and closing of the door of car.

It assembles by tact time of 2 seconds with 12 stations.
Spring Turnover Machine The equipment which distinguishes large diameter and small diameter, invert, and arrange in the same direction.
It works in less than tact time of 0.7 second.
Large-Sized Automatic Line Equipment The equipment of a large-sized automatic line which needs thousands of I/O and analog input/output and which the serial communication of around ten points is controlled by object-oriented programming. Visual C++

Object-Oriented Programming
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